Roulette with Humans

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You may find People Roulette, a social application, on both Facebook and the Google Play store. The whole premise of the service is that you may meet new people and have meaningful conversations by interacting with them through live webcam streaming.

Putting People to Work Roulette

People Roulette has a low barrier to entry.

Make sure your webcam is turned on and working before playing any games on Facebook. After pressing the “start” button, a complete stranger from anywhere in the world will introduce themselves to you. You and the other person may communicate in two ways: either through the stream itself or through a chat window that appears below the streaming.

The ‘next conversation’ button, which becomes active after four or five seconds, allows you to move on to a new random person, and does the same for the other person.  You may customize your live broadcast with a wide variety of cartoon overlays. You can make it look like you’re appearing from behind bars or inside a fish tank.

Animated’smileys’ such as a heart, a boxing glove, a furious face, and a kiss can be added to your stream as well. You may virtually hit your chat companion by selecting the boxing glove that appears over your feed.

Customer Feedback on People’s Roulette

“You can connect and meet new friends wherever you are, all you have to do is download and start chatting!”, “Swipe through 2 million users to find your perfect match,” and “It’s all about fun and friendship!” are some of the claims made in the App Store advertisement. After reading this, you will hopefully go online, locate some other talkative individuals, and have a fantastic time.

The People Game: My Experience

When I press play, a continuous video of a guy interacting with a set of “crown jewels” begins to play. I was in the middle of my first cup of coffee on a Sunday morning when I noticed the nude man. Considering that you had to stare at this ugly visual for four or five seconds before moving on to the next discussion, I had no choice but to terminate the service.

My first round of People roulette wasn’t quite fruitful, so I sucked it up and tried again. When I turned around, a bearded man was gazing at me this time. I was disappointed to see a bearded man gazing at me, and he appeared dissatisfied that I wasn’t a Playboy model. Then, a young man of around twenty entered the room, outfitted with headphones and a microphone. Ali, the next user to speak, was obviously not a professional because he had not activated his webcam.

I began to worry that maybe it was just bad luck that I’d run across the nude guy initially. However, this myth was busted when it was revealed that another man also enjoyed spending his time revealing his privates to complete strangers on Facebook. A user from Turkey introduced themselves to me and gave me a cigarette. Since I don’t smoke and couldn’t be bothered to go thousands of miles only to get a free cigarette, I respectfully declined.

Another user made it obvious that he wasn’t interested in conversation by holding a sign that said, “I will only chat to gerls,” by which I assume he meant “girls,” although the jury is still out on that one.

I spent around twenty minutes total on the site, with much of that time spent chatting with one individual before moving on to another by clicking “next chat” once the allotted time had elapsed. About a hundred to a hundred and fifty persons crossed my path throughout that period. The majority of the people I spoke with were men, but I’ll leave it up to you to determine the gender of the other three.  Quick mental math told me that the odds of bumping into a shirtless male were four times higher than those of a girl.

Summary of “People Roulette”

I’m sure there are those who thoroughly like playing People roulette, but you won’t hear me singing its praises any time soon. Definitely not a kid-friendly app, for sure.

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