O.J. Simpson and the Casino Eventually Reach a Settlement

Following an incident in November 2017 in which OJ Simpson was ejected from the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas, followed by a defamation claim that was filed in court nearly two years later, the dispute has now been resolved.

Simpson’s lawsuit asserted that employees at the hotel-casino who remained nameless had slandered his reputation by asking him to leave the premises due to charges of drunk and disorderly behaviour while he was allegedly intoxicated. The Cosmopolitan eventually came to the conclusion that Simpson should be banned from the property for life. Simpson’s legal team then argued that this decision had caused irreparable harm to their client’s reputation as a former football player and outstanding running back.

The Cosmopolitan Casino’s defense attorneys had argued that Simpson’s reputation was already so tarnished at the time of the incident, that it could not possibly have suffered any more or additional damage than what it already had. Despite the fact that no details regarding the recent settlement have been made known or made public, it is known that the Cosmopolitan Casino’s defense attorneys had argued this. What is known is that no details regarding the recent settlement have been made known or made public.

Staff Claim Verbal Abuse & More

The terms of the settlement call for both parties to pay their own attorney fees and other associated costs, and the case will be completely dropped.


What was acknowledged in the particulars of the complaint, and what was acknowledged by both parties, was that Simpson’s behavior in the casino on the evening in question had been disruptive. This was an agreement reached by both parties. Simpson, on the other hand, asserted that the reason he had taken problem with the situation was because the staff that was on duty had not presented him with a “reason” for prohibiting him from entering the property. In addition, he refuted all allegations that he was belligerent or had caused physical damage to the property at the location.


The staff, on the other hand, provided an entirely different account of the events that were reported to have transpired during the verbal altercation with the former footballer. They stated that he had been verbally abusive towards a number of the casino’s employees, and that this verbal altercation and abuse had ultimately resulted in damage being caused to property owned by the Cosmopolitan.


Two Times Through The Twang

Simpson has been accused of committing terrible crimes in the past, including the murder of his ex-wife and a friend of hers. The killings of the women took place in Los Angeles in 1994, and they were the catalyst for what became one of the most publicized court cases in the annals of United States history.


In spite of the fact that the jury ruled Simpson not guilty of the murders, he was ultimately forced to stand trial for his liability in the “wrongful deaths” of his ex-wife and her two children.


Following his arrest and conviction in a case involving armed robbery, kidnapping, and assault with force and a deadly weapon, he ultimately wound up serving a total of nine years behind bars within the confines of a federal prison.


The 73-year-old man was granted parole and subsequently freed in the year 2017.

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