Which African country has the highest rate of gambling?

Sports betting has long been a part of African culture, but the industry has seen major changes over the years and has reached its zenith after the introduction of the Internet.

Is internet gambling legal on the African continent? This question requires a more nuanced response than a simple yes or no. Depending on how devoted they are to gambling, African nations may be divided into three groups: All kinds of gambling and sports betting are outlawed, including online gambling.

Legal: Casinos and betting businesses are permitted to operate in the area under the law.Unregulated: The gambling business in the region is not prohibited, but neither is it regulated by the government. The majority of the time, a nation is classified as belonging to one of the categories listed above due to religious preferences. In contrast to their Afro-brothers from more Europeanized Morocco, Sudanese people are more religious than their African-American counterparts. As a result, there will be no dedicated gamblers among the Sudanese population. Another factor contributing to gambling’s taboo status in certain African nations is the strict local legislation.

Following the adoption of the Gambling Acts in 1996 and 2004, respectively, there were two significant modifications in African legislation. The 1996 Act declared all forms of gambling, including lotteries and sports wagering, to be permissible. The 2004 Act included an embargo on internet casinos, but betting companies were exempt from the prohibition due to a loophole. Online bookies may lawfully provide their services on the continent provided they get a license from the appropriate authorities and pay the necessary taxes. Because the government does not consider winnings to be an income source, bettors do not have to pay any fees on their winnings.

Countries with the highest levels of gambling

Customers from Africa have been enthralled by the development of the Internet and mobile technology, resulting in a massive demand for online sportsbooks and casino operators. Because of the accessibility of internet suppliers, black bookies have been forced to sit on the sidelines. On the African continent, online sports betting has achieved a new level of sophistication. We’ve compiled a list of the Savanna nations that bet the most, which you can find below.

Republic of South Africa

South Africa accounts for more over 80% of the total gaming activity on the Savanna continent, according to official figures. Local gamblers may legally participate in all kinds of betting and play their favorite games at a variety of brick-and-mortar casinos around the city. Online gaming institutions in the area, on the other hand, are subject to a ban.


Kenya is a rare exception to the strict requirements, since internet casinos, as well as online bookies and brick-and-mortar betting shops, are permitted in this country. Mobile betting is another popular pastime among Kenyan gamers, since mobile platforms account for the vast majority of sports wagers in the country.


Nigeria is one of the early adopters of the online gambling craze that has swept the country (the industry generates about $45 million in revenue). The country’s officials are loyal to casino owners and local bookies, who have obtained the necessary licenses and do not attempt to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Nigeria is the second most wealthy Savanna region in the world after South Africa for local sportsbooks.


The authorities in the nation are staunch supporters of online wagering and lotteries. Local gamers may try their hand at a variety of physical and interactive gaming options. The brick-and-mortar casinos are required to maintain the appropriate distance from schools and other educational institutions, which is a strict requirement. Authorities established this regulation in order to protect minors under the legal gambling age from becoming addicted to gambling.


Tanzania has a diverse selection of offline casinos, with the Le Grande Casino in the capital serving as the country’s biggest brick-and-mortar establishment. Online gaming providers, as well as online sportsbooks, are both permitted to operate in the nation. Tanzania has seen a significant economic boost as a consequence of the adoption of the Gambling Act, which was based on a steadfast commitment to casinos and bookies.


Some may be surprised to learn that this pious nation with a majority Muslim population is included on the list of the Afro-diaspora regions with the highest levels of gambling. Morocco, on the other hand, is renowned for its opulent land-based casinos, which are on par with those found in the neon-lit metropolis of Las Vegas. Online gambling companies, as well as sports betting providers, are both permitted in the beautiful country of Morocco. Punters in the United States make a lot of money on rugby and horse racing bets.


Botswana has a well-regulated gaming industry, with legal internet, phone, and physical gambling companies operating in the country’s immediate proximity, according to the government. Botswana citizens have the right to gamble at brick-and-mortar casinos, where they may try their luck at a variety of slot machines and make online bets on registered sportsbook websites, among other things.


Ghana is very welcoming of internet gambling, which has resulted in a significant increase in the value of the country’s national treasure in recent years. There are many online and offline businesses that provide world-renowned casino games as well as the ability to place sports bets that are open to the general public. Ghana, without a doubt, is one of the most productive locations on the Dark Continent for people who want to have an unforgettable gambling experience.

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