How to Play Sic Bo Online and Find the Best Games

Pretty much every gambling club player thinks about craps. It’s the world’s most mainstream dice game and is played in each physical gambling club across the world.

Be that as it may, craps isn’t the sagame1688คาสิโนออนไลน์ lone dice game around. One frequently disregarded genuine cash dice game that is filling in notoriety is sic bo. It’s an antiquated Chinese dice game that deciphers as valuable dice.

Sic bo is speedy and loads of fun. I’ll disclose how to play it, and I’ll show you the absolute best sic bo games on the web.

Playing Sic Bo – A Beginner’s Guide

Perhaps the best thing about playing sic bo at genuine cash online club is the manner by which basic it is. You should simply put down your wagers on the result of a dice roll. The live seller or irregular number generator (RNG) will wrap up.

We should investigate the sic bo wagering choices first.

Sic Bo Pay Table

As should be obvious, there are heaps of various sic bo wagers you can make. Every one of them include wagering on the roll of three dice.

The specific payouts you’ll get will rely upon the sic bo variation you’re playing.

Some of them have multipliers, so you need to represent those. Nonetheless, as you can see from considering the model over, the harder it is to make a blend with three dice, the greater the payout will be.

The most effective method to Play Sic Bo Online – Game Order

Sic bo is an unbelievably straightforward game.


Put down your wagers on the sic bo gaming board. Recall that you can put down various wagers. Do this by hauling your game chips onto the advanced wagering board on your screen.

The liver vendor or RNG will move three dice. Observe the complete of these three as it will decide the game result.

In the event that you win, you’ll be paid naturally. In the event that you lose, your equilibrium will be charged.

Perceive how straightforward sic bo is? That is the reason players love it. There’s no pressure or complex technique included. Like roulette, you should simply make a bet and sit tight for the result.

The Best Sic Bo Bets to Make

Following back to the distinctive sic bo wagers you can make and their payouts, I’ve assembled a common sic bo pay table underneath.


There are various variations of this turnover คือ game, thus the payouts of the game you play may be somewhat unique.

Be that as it may, this is a decent broad manual for the best sic bo wagers and payouts. Attempt to make wagers that have a decent possibility of rewards yet in addition offer tempting payouts.

Bet Payout House Edge

Small 1 to 1 2.78%

Big 1 to 1 2.78%

4 62 to 1 12.43%

5 31 to 1 11.04%

6 18 to 1 12.03%

7 12 to 1 9.78%

8 8 to 1 12.52%

9 7 to 1 7.44%

10 6 to 1 12.5%

11 6 to 1 12.5%

12 7 to 1 7.44%

13 8 to 1 12.52%

14 12 to 1 9.78%

15 18 to 1 12.03%

16 31 to 1 11.04%

17 62 to 1 12.43%

Combination 6 to 1 2.77%

Double 11 to 1 11.08%

Triple 180 to 1 16.74%

Any Triple 31 to 1 11.04%

1-6:1 1 to 1 30.56%

1-6:2 2 to 1 9.74%

1-6:3 12 to 1 94%

Some sic bo players like to make different wagers blended between high-likelihood however low payout wagers and a couple of less plausible yet possibly rewarding wagers. This isn’t a surefire sic bo technique, however it merits considering.

The Best Sic Bo Games Online

With the ascent of live gambling club games, new and intriguing sic bo variations have opened up. I’d prefer to enlighten you concerning the absolute most invigorating live sic bo games I’ve played as of late.

Live Sic Bo – Playtech

On the off chance that you’d lean toward a basic and nitty gritty round of live seller sic bo, this is the best one for you. It doesn’t have any additional multipliers or extra components. It’s a clear round of exemplary sic bo. What it highlights is dazzling live sellers, close-up camera shots of the vendors, table, and dice as they clatter around inside the drum, and a couple of cool provisions, for example, game results recorded and the capacity to bet somewhere in the range of $5 and $200 per bet.

Sic Bo Deluxe – Playtech

Playtech is never content to give a fundamental live seller game. They generally think of new and fascinating variations. Sic Bo Deluxe is one of them. This live sic bo game presents irregular multipliers that can amount to 1,000x. It’s played in an Asian-themed studio with a table formed like a lotus bloom and an autoplay include in the event that you like to play similar wagers more than once. The Sic Bo Deluxe studio is a show-stopper. You must look at it.

Super Sic Bo – Evolution

Advancement is the world chief with regards to live club games. It was one of the first to acquaint players with live sic bo. It used Evolution’s mark “lightning multipliers” for potential payouts of up to 1,000x. Additionally facilitated in a lovely studio will cause you to feel as though you’re playing in Macau. This is my #1 live seller sic bo game.

Mega Sic Bo – Pragmatic Play

Even minded Play has concocted a couple of new and state of the art renditions of club games. This isn’t one of them, truth be told. It’s similarly as Super Sic Bo and Sic Bo Deluxe. It offers multipliers of up to 1,000x as the others do. It’s played in a decent red and gold studio to give it that Chinese feel. While scarcely a unique, it’s actually certainly worth playing if your favored live club offers Pragmatic Play games.

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